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The Doukhobors of Canada
Doukhobor Discovery Centre
Castlegar , British Columbia


before disbanding in 1939.
   A montage of images shows
the archival photos, art and
the depictions of historic
buildings and implements
visitors can see at the
museum. Video clips of an
interview with Mayor Mike
O’Connor round out the

   This virtual exhibit
promises visitors an
enlightening and educational
look at the colourful history
of the Doukhobors.

   The Doukhobor Village
Museum, Castlegar, BC
   Various photos and
documents found in the
Doukhobor Village Museum
   The Doukhobors, George
Woodcock / Ivan Avakumovic
   Interviews of February
2005 - Thanks to Alex Konkin

and Mayor Mike O'Connor
   Thanks to Peter Potapoff
for the rights to use
"Suspended in Time", John
Kalmykoff for "Bread, Salt,
And Water"

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