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Building the past
Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah
Little Current , Ontario


   "Building a Past" tells
the story of the early years
of the Centennial Museum of
Sheguiandah. Conceived by the
Sheguiandah Women’s Institute
in 1964, it began life as the
Little Current-Howland
Centennial Museum. When the
museum opened in 1966, it was
Canada’s first completed

centennial project. It
continued to grow under the
guidance of George Bishop,
its first managing director
and over the forty years
since then it has thrived.
Often called a jewel of a
museum, the facility, on an
eight-acre site, now has
seven buildings, a temporary

exhibition gallery and two
permanent galleries. A
destination point for many
visitors to Manitoulin Island
and the town of Sheguiandah,
it offers a range of
exhibitions and activities
from April to October.
Conveniently located on
Highway 6, the museum is a

delightful place to stop,
learn and rest.

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