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The Battle of the Atlantic, A Crow's Nest Perspective, "Lest We Forget"
Crow's Nest Military Artifacts Association Inc.
St. John's , Newfoundland and Labrador


   The Second World War
significantly affected so
many of the people who lived
in St. John's at the time.
The port was a safe haven,
providing protection to the
Navy from lurking German U-
boat wolf packs that loomed
below the surface just
outside The Narrows. The

Royal Canadian Air Force
provided air surveillance
from its bases in Torbay,
Gander and Botwood. The
Americans had bases set up at
St. John's and Argentia, to
provide further protection.
   The Crow's Nest Officer's
Club was founded in 1942 as a
place for weary seagoing

officers to relax and rest
between their grueling
experiences on the Atlantic.
Many stopped to have a drink
or perhaps just a chat with a
comrade. It was a place where
the perils of war could be
left at the doorstep.
   TheClub, located on the
top floor of a four-storey

warehouse in downtown St.
John's, Newfoundland,
waspoorly appointed. Its bar
was originally composed of
two barrels and a slab of
wood. But today the many
artifacts that grace its
walls serve as a testaments
to all who fought in the
Battle of the Atlantic, the

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