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Jasper Park Volunteer Fire Brigade: A Community History
Jasper - Yellowhead Museum and Archives
Jasper , Alberta


   The history of the Jasper
Park Volunteer Fire Brigade
is one that is full of
community memories. In the
early days of Jasper, the
town site depended on those
who volunteered their time
and lives in order to battle
the flames. The growth of the
volunteer brigade, which

began with government
employees, coincides with the
growth of Jasper as a town
and a community. The many
fires that have occurred in
Jasperís history are tragic,
but they are fascinating
stories that have been burned
into our collective memory.
   The Jasper Park Volunteer

Fire Brigade is still growing
today, and its presence is
felt within the town. The
volunteers not only continue
to extinguish fires and help
raise money for various local
charities; they play a
proactive role in making
Jasper a safe place to live
and play for the people who

live here and for the
thousands of visitors we
welcome each year.

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