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From Tree to Sea: Boat Builders of the Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives
Gibsons , British Columbia


   Boat building has provided
the means of transportation
for generations of Sunshine
Coasters. Many pioneers built
their boats from materials
salvaged from the beaches and
the abundant forests.
   What type of life did
these boat builders lead?
Meet this community through

images, objects, and personal
reminiscences on the lives of
Hubert Evans and Allen &
Sharie Farrell.
   Hubert Evans was a writer
for over 70 years, and he
also designed and built his
own boat to supplement his
writing income during the
Depression. His double-ender

rowboat was typical of the
hundreds of small boats that
were hand-built during the
Depression to provide an
income for their owners. Only
a handful of these sturdy
boats remain today, and
Hubert Evans' boat is one of
   Allen & Sharie Farrell

built numerous boats on a
larger scale. Starting with a
dinghy, the Farrells built
over 40 different boats. The
larger sailboats became their
floating homes. Using only
hand tools, beachcombed or
found timber, they created
well-built sailboats that
travelled the local coastline

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