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Cariboo Treasures: Perspectives on a Cariboo Civilization
Quesnel and District Museum and Archives
Quesnel , British Columbia


   As a community, Quesnel,
British Columbia, has
developed into a prosperous
and exciting place, both to
live and to visit. This
municipality has left behind
an indescribable amount of
history that intrigues the
populace and defines the
Cariboo as a place and a way

of life. Each solitary block
within the city carries with
it unique tales of the
"golden" days.
   This tour involves four
main streets in downtown
Quesnel: Carson Avenue, Front
Street, Barlow Avenue, and
Reid Street. As well, to give
you an in-depth look into the

life of the Cariboo society,
we take you inside a
household of a pioneer family
that lived on Reid Street.

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