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A Prairie Mountain Promenade
Prairie Mountain Regional Museum Inc.
Shoal Lake , Manitoba


   A Prairie Mountain
Promenade walks viewers
through the history,
showcased at the new Prairie
Mountain Regional Museum
(PMRM), of this region of
southwestern Manitoba. It
begins with an explanation of
the “Big Trail”, as locals
called the famous Fort Ellice

Trail that crossed the
prairies from Winnipeg to
Edmonton. Family members from
the Elliot house, which was
donated to the PMRM and will
eventually be converted into
a bed and breakfast on the
Museum’s site, tell us about
the house’s former existence
as a wayside stop along the

   Horses were vital in
settling the west, so the
next stop on the promenade is
the Clegg Carriage Collection
of over 90 horse-drawn
vehicles, and includes
interviews with the 90 year-
old farmer who has spent the
past 30 years of his life

restoring these items, now
part of the PMRM.
   The final portion of A
Prairie Mountain Promenade
examines the Museum’s rural
heritage village. The former
students of the Olha School
describe their days in a one-
room schoolhouse. The
congregations of the

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