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The Potato Industry: Alive in O'Leary, PEI
Prince Edward Island Potato Museum
O'Leary , Prince Edward Island


   We invite you to join us
on a journey of learning
about the potato, from its
beginnings as a wild food
source in South America, to
its current status as the
fourth largest commercial
crop in the world.
   The Community of O'Leary,
where the humble potato has

played an important role in
the economy for many years,
is located in the western
part of Prince Edward Island,
surrounded by fertile, potato-
growing fields. Indeed, it is
very fitting that the Prince
Edward Island Potato Museum
is located in this community.
   This exhibit discusses a

variety of topics associated
with the potato industry,
including the following:
   -the history and
importance of the potato and
its industry;
   -the structure of the
potato plant, and the
diseases and pests
    that attack it;

   -the control of diseases
and pests that attack the
   -the machinery and farm
implements used in the
    cultivating, and
harvesting of potatoes;
   -potato plant nutrition
(from mussel mud to chemical

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