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School Days Gone By
Morse Museum and Cultural Centre
Morse , Saskatchewan


   The "School Days Gone By"
exhibit, produced by the
Morse Museum and Cultural
Centre, outlines various
aspects of rural school life
in Saskatchewan from 1912 to
1979. This exhibit allows
people to reminisce or learn
about the types of items you
would see in a typical small

town prairie school.
   The Morse Museum and
Cultural Centre is an active
facility that is truly the
heart of the community. The
pride begins with the
struggle to save the building
itself. It began as a four
room school in 1912 and, due
to the increasing population

of Morse, was expanded in
1928 with the addition of two
more rooms. In 1961, another
addition to the school was
made. The school board felt
it was necessary to build a
new school because the old
one was deemed unsuitable
because of its size and age.
The two schools were attached

and used together until the
closure of the old school in
1979. Upon closure of the old
school, it was initially
slated for demolition.
However, after a significant
struggle, the building was
the second in Saskatchewan to
be designated Municipal
Heritage Property. Five years

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