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On The Ice
Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
Winnipeg , Manitoba


   This Community Memories
exhibit celebrates Manitoba’s
rich Olympic heritage, from
the province’s first
appearance at the Olympics in
1920 where it won a gold
medal for Canada, to the most
recent Olympics in Salt Lake
   A team from Manitoba, the

Winnipeg Falcons Hockey Club,
went down in history as
winning the first Olympic
Gold Medal in Hockey at the
1920 Olympics in Antwerp,
Belgium. The Falcons, a team
composed mainly of Icelandic
Manitobans from the community
of Gimli, swept the
competition and came out on

top. Since then, Manitobans
have had success in many
sports at the Winter
   Manitobans have
represented their province
and country in the sports of
speed skating, dog sledding,
curling, hockey, bobsledding,
and figure skating, to name a

few. Hockey and speedskating
have been particularly
prominent, and form the basis
for two of the storylines
found in this exhibit.
   A final storyline
documents several Manitoban
families from which more than
one member, often from
different generations, has

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