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Hulls on Hurontario: Collingwood's Maritime Legacy
Collingwood Museum
Collingwood , Ontario


   Collingwood was, and still
is, directly affected in many
ways by the marine history of
the community. From the very
early years of the 1850s when
the harbour was used
primarily for boat building,
through its era as a vital
east-west link across the
continent, to its importance

as a shipbuilding town,
Collingwood maintained strong
marine roots. Many of its
major industries over the
last century and a half came
to Collingwood because of its
vital transportation links.
Floods of immigrants
travelled through Collingwood
in search of a future in the

western part of the
continent. Merchants
prospered from the high
traffic and built grand
homes, many of which still
exist today. The community
developed a cosmopolitan
feel, and attracted notable
characters and important
attention at the national and

international levels.
   Over the past twenty
years, major changes have
taken place in Collingwood.
Despite fluctuations in the
national and local economies,
and the closure of the
Collingwood Shipyards, the
town’s waterfront still has a
strong influence on present

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