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From Saltfleet To Stoney Creek
Erland Lee (Museum) Home
Stoney Creek , Ontario


   This exhibit features
historical and modern
perspectives on the many
crossroads communities that
make up contemporary Stoney
Creek. The eastern portion of
the City of Hamilton has
evolved from a landscape of
fruit farms into a suburban
community known for light

industry, but traces remain
of the Saltfleet Township
that was.
   Seven storylines trace
the history of specific
hamlets and villages within
the old township, with
emphasis on the Olde Towne,
Winona, Fruitland, Mount
Albion and Elfrida, Vinemount

and Tweedside, and
Tapleytown. The exhibit
includes photographs and
documents, both historical
and modern, illustrating
Saltfleet “then” and Stoney
Creek “now.”
   The Erland Lee Museum,
1897 birthplace of the
world's first rural women's

organization, the Women's
Institutes, is a repository
for community information and
historical items, and much of
the exhibit presented here
has been culled from the
museum's research

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