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High Water Mark: Thamesville and the Great Flood of 1937
Old Town Hall Museum
Thamesville , Ontario


   At the crossroads of
Highway #21 and Highway #2 in
southwestern Ontario lies the
small village of Thamesville.
Nestled in an idylllic rural
setting, this beautiful
historic village is
unfortunately located only
one kilometre north of the
shores of the Thames River.

   Over the years,
Thamesville has been a
frequent victim of the
riverís raging floodwaters.
The worst in the areaís
history was the Great Flood
of 1937, a catastrophic event
still vividly remembered by
many of Thamesvilleís senior
citizens. Their recollections

of floodwaters sweeping over
the small community are
included in this Community
Memories exhibit, mounted by
the Thamesville Old Town Hall

   The Old Town Hall Museum
wishes to thank the
Thamesville Historical
Society and the gererousity
of the several citizens who
shared their memories and
photographs. The exhibit is
dedicated to the memory of
the late Marjorie Jackman

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