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Coppsville/Clarksville aka CHALK RIVER
School House Museum
Deep River , Ontario


   For many years before its
name became synonymous with
the Canadian nuclear
industry, Chalk River,
Ontario was a vibrant centre
of activity in the Upper
Ottawa Valley. Most early
pioneers lived within a three-
mile radius of the village as
it exists today, but some

settled as far away as the
Deep River and Wylie
districts. The School House
Museum explores mysteries and
misconceptions about the
town, such as its origins and
how it got its name. Many
believe, for example, that
Chalk River owes its
existence to the building of

the Canadian Pacific Railway
(C.P.R.). While the railroad
did contribute to the areaís
development, farmers and
lumbermen who relied on the
Ottawa River for
transportation had settled in
the region long before the
railroad was built. Using
digital technology, the

School House Museum opens a
window on all these aspects
of Chalk Riverís history. We
wish to thank local historian
Mr. Maurice Blimkie for his
granting of unlimited access
to his 1979 publication,
"Historical Account Of The
Village of Chalk River." In
this book Mr Blimkie

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