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Valley Carvers - Past and Present
School House Museum
Deep River , Ontario


   The woodcarvers of Renfrew
County have earned national
and international renown for
works spanning a broad
spectrum from the finest
wooden jewellery to the
tallest totem pole in
   This Community Memories
exhibit chronicles the lives

and showcases the artistry of
Renfrew County's woodcarvers
from 1846 to the present day.
To achieve this substantial
project, the School House
Museum collaborated with
other members of the Renfrew
County Museums Network,
documenting woodcarvings from
all corners of this expansive

   While some woodcarvers
made a living selling their
works, many indulged in the
craft for personal
satisfaction, giving their
carvings to friends and
family as gifts. These works
have also been recorded after
an extensive search of the

county through local media.
   In order to present a
full and accurate history of
Renfrew County's celebrated
art form, the exhibit
features newspaper clippings
and photographs saved by
descendants of early carvers,
as well as excerpts from
books and articles, including

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