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People, Paper, Power and Trees
Iroquois Falls Pioneer Museum
Iroquois Falls , Ontario


   This Community Memories
Exhibit is a historical
portrayal of the founding of
the town of Iroquois Falls,
Ontario and the Abitibi Pulp
and Paper Company Limited, a
paper mill built on the
vision of Frank Harris Anson
(1839-1923). Derided at first
as "Ansonís Folly," Abitibi

Pulp and Paper became the
largest producer of newsprint
in North America.
   Iroquois Falls remains a
single industry town and the
name "Abitibi" has been a
staple in conversations,
homes and lives since 1914,
as has the name of the
companyís founder. The hamlet

of Ansonville, Anson Street,
Anson General Hospital and
the Anson commemorative
monument erected in Anson
Park still stand in honour.
   "People, Paper, Power and
Trees" is a tribute to the
great strength of character,
grand ideas and wonderful
personality of Frank Harris

Anson, a pioneer in the
North. The exhibit captures
the importance of his
visionary paper mill in the
history and industrial
heritage of Iroquois Falls,
one of the first planned
towns in Canada, the "Garden
Town of the North."

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