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A Retrospective of Artists in North Bay and Surrounding Areas
White Water Gallery
North Bay , Ontario


   This Community Memories
exhibit celebrates the lives
and artwork of 36 artists -
among many others - who live,
or have lived, in North Bay,
Ontario and surrounding
areas. The exhibit is not
intended to be exhaustive
but, besides painting,
drawing and sculpture, the

retrospective includes comic
art, digital art, mixed
media, new media, jewellery,
photography and printmaking.
   A Retrospective of
Artists in North Bay and
Surrounding Areas is
presented with a 'behind-the-
scenes' approach. As such,
the presentation includes

eclectic items unseen by the
public until now.
   People who live in North
Bay may discover new sides to
old friends in this exhibit.
Those who live outside of
North Bay may be inspired to
visit this thriving arts

   White Water Gallery and
the W. K. P. Kennedy Gallery
are grateful to the Canadian
Heritage Information Network
for making this project
possible. A number of people
have been instrumental in
bringing this project
together: Kathyrn Copeland,

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