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The Cascapedia River - The Flow of Time
Cascapedia River Museum
Cascapedia - St-Jules , Quebec


   The flow of time on the
famous Grand Cascapedia River
offers a glimpse into the
life of a community and of
the salmon anglers who have
enjoyed its resources over
time. Flowing through the
mountains and valley of the
Quebec community of
Cascapedia St Jules, the

river has left its mark on
everyone who has come in
contact with it, providing a
way of life, a means of
making a living, and giving
anglers the thrill of
catching 40- and 50-pound
Cascapedia Giants.
   If the river could talk,
it would tell a thousand

tales about the people who
fished for salmon in its
waters or lived along its
banks. It would recount the
local folklore about the men
who died during the log drive
or the farmers who had to
start again after the water
flooded their fields. It
would tell stories about the

largest salmon taken from its
waters and about the princess
who painted its beauty. It
would acquaint us with the
rich and the famous who
escaped there to find a sense
of peace and balance in the
hidden forests of the
Cascapedia Valley and of the
anglers who made their annual

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