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Henry Stelfox: Wanderer, Conservationist, and Friend
Rocky Mountain House Museum
Rocky Mountain House , Alberta


   When Henry Stelfox
emigrated to Alberta in the
winter of 1906-07, he could
hardly have imagined that
history would honour him as a
successful businessman, an
environmental activist, a
historian, an advocate for
First Nations people and a

   Henry considered himself
a wanderer, having left his
birthplace of England to
spend three years in the
South African Constabulary
before emigrating to Alberta
where he briefly homesteaded
in the Ponoka area. Henry
considered taking a long
walking tour of Russia, but

his fate was settled when his
parents emigrated from
England to Lacombe, Alberta.
   Henry Stelfox married,
settled near Rocky Mountain
House and raised nine
children. During this
period, he once explored the
upper reaches of the
Clearwater River with his

companions and vacationed
high up into the wilderness.
   Henry was a successful
businessman who ran a cattle
ranch, a fur buying shop and
a real estate office. He also
took an avid interest in the
wild creatures that filled
the forests around Rocky
Mountain House. Henry became

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