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Discovering London's First Village
Museum of Ontario Archaeology
London , Ontario


   Today, London, Ontario is
the tenth largest city in
Canada, a bustling metropolis
of more than 350,000 people.
Archaelogists, however,
discovered in the mid-
nineteenth century that
London was but a tiny village
500 years ago.
   The "Londonís First

Village" exhibit traces the
history of archeological
excavations since that
discovery of a Neutral
Iroquoian village and the
knowledge gained of first
peoples in the area.
   The exhibit also tracks
the evolution of the village
reconstruction and operating

museum that have been erected
adjacent to the ongoing site
excavations. The Museum of
Ontario Archaeology now
stands as a community
resource dedicated to the
preservation of the history
of the London area.

   Trevor Fowler, Jake
Anderson, Nancy Van Sas, Bob
Pearce, Museum of Ontario
Archaeology, University of
Western Ontario

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