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Cracker Barrels and Jersey Cows (The History of One Family in the Eastern Fraser Valley of B.C.)
Kilby Historic Site
Harrison Mills , British Columbia


   This Community Memories
exhibit explores the survival
of one family in the
pioneering times of rural
Canada through
diversification. The Kilby
family operated the
community’s general store,
hotel and post office as well
as establishing one of the

first registered Jersey cow
herds in the province of
British Columbia. The heydays
and the slow decline of the
Kilby family enterprises will
resonate for many small towns
across the country.
   Inside the Kilby General
Store at the community’s post
office, the original founder

of the store, Thomas Kilby
and subsequently his son
Acton, served continuously
for 62 years as Postmasters.
Imagine that!
   The Kilby General Store
is now the Kilby Historic
Site, a British Columbia
provincial heritage site
where the general store and

many ancillary buildings have
been preserved.
   The story of the Kilby
family’s success in the
Fraser Valley country of
British Columbia illustrates
how one family and a
community worked and thrived
through the hard times of the
early 1900s. Their tradition

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