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Rediscovering the Norwegian Connection
Norwegian Laft Hus
Red Deer , Alberta


   Rediscover the Norwegian
connection in central Alberta
with a visit to this
Community Memories exhibit.
   A walkthrough of the Laft
House in Red Deer, Alberta's
Heritage Square follows the
development of the Norwegian
Laft Hus Society and the
construction of the Laft Hus

   With a wide variety of
Norwegian cultural artifacts,
the Laft Hus functions as a
museum for preserving
Norwegian traditions, foods,
arts and crafts. Here the
Norwegian Laft Hus Society
offers programs to bring the
community closer to its

Norwegian heritage.
   "Velkommen" and enjoy our

   Norwegian Laft Hus
   Betty Wulff
   Julie Macrae
   E-Group Strategic
Business Solutions Inc.

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