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Strolling Through the Centuries in Annapolis Royal
O'Dell House Museum
Annapolis Royal , Nova Scotia


   In this Community Memories
exhibit, visitors can stroll
through time along the
streets of Annapolis Royal
for 150 years.
   The tour follows the main
street, detours through the
grounds of Fort Anne, across
the Annapolis Basin to
Granville Ferry, then inland

through Lequille to Milford.
Visitors will experience all
aspects of life in Annapolis
Royal: the waterfront,
shipbuilding, industry and
commerce, the courthouse,
train travel, recreation and
the churches of the community
   Annapolis Royal comes to
life in the exhibit's

historic and contemporary
photographs and in the
memories of three native
Annapolitans, all highly
respected historians. This
exhibit represents heritage
lost and endangered, heritage
preserved, promoted and

   Historical Association of
Annapolis Royal, Annapolis
Heritage Society, Charlotte
Perkins, Jim How, Ian
Lawrence, Joan Harrison

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