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Timber to Tall Ships Our Parrsborough Shore
Age of Sail Heritage Centre
Port Greville , Nova Scotia


   This exhibition reveals
how the communities along
Nova Scotia’s Parrsboro Shore
up to Apple River grew and
flourished in the 1800s
alongside the lumber and ship-
building industries in the
area. The families who
settled there were mainly
United Empire Loyalists and

so-called New England
Planters—farmers from
bordering U.S. states who
received land grants from the
Crown to settle in the
region. So began a tradition
of craftspeople and workers
who cut timber with care and
pride and who built homes,
churches and schools, as well

as the ships that would take
the lumber for trade the
world over. Through a variety
of artifacts and media, the
exhibition recounts the
history of the men who
penetrated the forests,
felled the trees and brought
them to the mills. It also
shows the making of

masterpieces in ship-
building, how these vessels
were paid for, and depicts
how the ships were then
launched to sail around the

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