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Point Leamington: The River
Point Leamington Heritage Interpretation Centre
Point Leamington , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Much of Point Leamington's
heritage has been generated
by the Mill River, located at
40' 19' 21' N and 55' 24' 00'
W in what was once known as
Southwest Arm of New Bay in
Newfoundland, Canada and by
the Atlantic salmon in the
   Atlantic salmon (salmo

salar) spend most of their
lives in the ocean, but
return to fresh water to
spawn, always to the same
river in which they were
hatched. At first the salmon
in Mill River were harvested
as a food source without
limitations but the progress
of civilization brought

quotas on the amount taken.
Though the numbers of
Atlantic salmon have dropped
greatly in modern times, the
Mill River remains true to
the past, now yielding its
bounty to recreational
fishermen from around the
   In the 1700s the Mill

river lured the Beothuks from
the woods near its shores to
fish for Atlantic salmon in
the summer months, returning
to their villages when they
felt the chill of fall
   Mill River's protected
harbour, with its magnificent
pine forest and great fishing

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