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Evolution of Telecommunications
Telecommunications Museum - Pearson Electrotechnology Centre
Lachine , Quebec


   Telecommunications have
evolved tremendously from its
beginnings to the present.
This exhibit attempts to show
several aspects of this
evolution from what is seen
by the general public to the
telephone office and the
factory. It is in a way the
story of Nortel, who was

Canada's leading leading
manufacturer before it was
destroyed by its upper

   A very greatful thanks to
Lise Noel and Lorraine Croxen
of the Bell Canada Historical
Collection for the use of the
Bell Archives and their help,
without which this exhibit
would not have been possible.
Thanks also to the
Telecommunications Museum

volunteers Neil MacPherson,
Bob Donegan, Janot Moran and
Bill Bartlet. Thanks to Brian
Cann of Nortel for providing
current product information.
Finally to Clarence D.
Schnebley who wrote an
unpublished History of
Northern Electric and those
unidentified people who

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