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A Shape in Time: The Filberg Festival's 30-year History
Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park
Comox , British Columbia


   The Filberg Heritage Lodge
and Park is nine acres of
grounds situated on the
waterfront in the seaside
town of Comox, BC on
beautiful Vancouver Island.
   A public park, owned by
the Town of Comox and
administered by the Filberg

Heritage Lodge and Park
Association, it was once the
home of Robert Filberg,
former president of the Comox
Logging Company, and his
   Filberg Lodge and Park
have become a popular venue
for weddings, art shows,
concerts, special events and

the famous Filberg Festival.
   Saved from commercial
developers in 1979 by members
of an astute and far-sighted
Comox Town Council, The
Filberg Heritage Lodge and
Park has become a jewel in
the crown of the small but
vibrant community of Comox,
BC on the eastern side of

Vancouver Island. This public
park is open 365 days a year,
and the Heritage Lodge is
open for tours seasonally.
   In 1983, the first
Filberg Festival was launched
as a fundraiser for the
Filberg Heritage Lodge and
Park Association whose task
it is to preserve and manage

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