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Keeping the Faith: Judaica From The Aron Museum
Aron Museum
Montreal , Quebec


   Welcome to the Aron
Museum, Canada’s first museum
of Jewish ceremonial art
objects. The pieces that
form the Aron Museum’s
collection come from around
the world and reveal both the
diversity and continuity of
Judaism across time and

   The Aron Museum is housed
in the Pollack Cultural
Centre at Temple Emanu-El-
Beth Sholom of Montreal,
Quebec. Inspired by the late
Rabbi Harry J. Stern, Josef
and Anna Aron founded the
museum in 1953 with five
Jewish ceremonial art objects
from their personal

collection. A core group of
dedicated Temple members were
instrumental in the formation
and growth of the museum.
   This online exhibition
will lead you through the
holidays, rituals and customs
of the Jewish faith and show
how a unique art – the art of
Judaica – developed in

correspondence with Jewish
tradition. The art objects
provide a passage into the
past, allowing the
opportunity to explore Jewish
history, stories of the
Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom
community, as well as the
memories of Temple members.
   Pollack Cultural Centre -

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